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Introducing the Reply Co-Pilot for Adobe Experience Manager

Elevate Your Content Creation with Comwrap Reply Co-Pilot for Adobe Experience Manager

In today's digital world, content is king - but creating it shouldn't rule your time. Meet Co-Pilot for Adobe Experience Manager: an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize the way you handle content. Developed by Comwrap Reply, the Co-Pilot streamlines content creation, management, and optimization, freeing you to focus on what truly matters - innovation and strategy. Whether it's automating metadata, enhancing SEO, or ensuring consistency across your digital assets, the Co-Pilot is here to elevate your content game.


Features of the AI Assistant

Automate Asset Metadata Creation with AI

Efficient, Bulk or Single

Seamlessly generate eg. titles and descriptions for your assets using AI. Our Co-Pilot extension not only creates metadata for individual images but also offers a bulk workflow option, enhancing productivity and consistency across your digital assets. Every single text or multiline text metadata field (also custom metadata) can be configured to use the feature.

Auto-Tagging Made Easy

Smart Tagging on your own tagging taxonomy

Utilize AI to auto-generate relevant tags from your own Tag Namespaces, ensuring your images are accurately and consistently tagged with your actual domain knowledge. With manual and bulk workflow capabilities, managing your asset taxonomy has never been more straightforward or efficient. 

Create Page Metadata

Elevate SEO with AI-Generated Metadata

Improve your pages' SEO with AI-generated titles and meta descriptions, tailored to your content. This feature supports both manual creation and bulk processing via workflows, streamlining your SEO efforts and saving valuable time. It takes the page content and generates relevant meta descriptions. Every single or multiline text field of your page properties can be configured to use this feature.

Automatically generate SEO-focused tags for your pages, pulling from an existing tag namespace. This intelligent feature simplifies SEO optimization, available for both individual and bulk processing, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience and your domain knowledge is leveraged.

Create Context Aware Alt-Text

Generate context-aware alt-text for images and teasers within the Adobe Experience Manager, based on the surrounding content. This AI-driven approach enhances accessibility and SEO, providing a richer user experience by making your visuals more meaningful and searchable. Also users can decide for a short more google friendly alt text or a more accessible longer one to give screenreaders more context. Currently, Core Component Teaser and Core Image are supported.

Create Context Aware Teaser Description

AI-Enhanced Teaser Descriptions

Craft compelling teaser descriptions automatically with AI, leveraging the content of linked pages for inspiration. This feature ensures your teasers are relevant and engaging, optimizing click-through rates and enriching the visitor experience with minimal effort.


Seamless Integration and Workflow Automation

The Co-Pilot for the Adobe Experience Manager seamlessly integrates with your environment, allowing you to enhance assets or pages with AI-generated content directly. Whether you're working on a single asset or orchestrating bulk content updates, our extension supports automated workflows within your DXP, streamlining your content creation process.

Configuration for Global Content Strategies

Understanding the diverse needs of global content strategies, the Tool enables users to create and apply configurations to folders or pages, which inherit settings down to sub-pages and subfolders. This means you can tailor the AI model, prompts, and language parameters to specific content needs. Configure a German prompt for assets in your German folder, or an English prompt for those in the English folder, ensuring your content resonates with the intended audience. The bulk generation workflow smartly applies these configurations, ensuring consistency and relevance across your digital presence.

Direct Connection with OpenAI and Beyond

Upon generating content such as page meta descriptions, the Co-Pilot triggers a service that initiates a server-to-server API call to OpenAI APIs. This direct integration with OpenAI, including support for OpenAI via Azure, ensures that you're leveraging some of the most advanced AI capabilities for your content creation needs. Moreover, our architecture is designed to be flexible, allowing for easy integration with other cloud LLMs or self-hosted models like Llama for text input or LLaVa and BakLLaVA for vision input.


Martin Altmann - Adobe Practice Lead
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As an Adobe Solution Platinum Partner, we specialize in Adobe Experience Manager Cloud and Magento Commerce Cloud in tandem with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Drawing on a deep well of experience using Adobe Cloud Manager, Adobe Blueprints and Core Components, comwrap is ideally placed to handle Adobe Experience Manager projects deployed at cloud speed.

Our experts match the vast array of Adobe Experience Cloud options to your digital strategy and empower your employees to leverage its enormous potential for the benefit of your business.

Mission: Forging digital champions.

  • An accredited Adobe Solution Platinum Partner, we are the leading experts in cloud-native solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
  • Our specialty is Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Magento Commerce, where we can tap into over a decade of experience handling around 16 such projects each year.
  • Our projects are deployed at cloud speed. We launch with Adobe Experience Manager in 30 days.
  • Cloud-native strategies executed on the basis of standards lower project and operational costs without integrator lock-in.

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