comwrap provides professional services for cloud-based customer experience and commerce platforms. It’s precisely this cloud-native strategy that sets us apart from IT consultants and Internet agencies.

That means for us:

We deploy projects exclusively in the cloud, minimize customization and apply cloud-based approaches.

For our customers:

faster project turnarounds, reduced project risks, lower platform costs and no integrator lock-in.

For our employees:

new technologies, continuous learning and professional satisfaction of working on fast-paced projects in partnership with happy customers.

Working at comwrap


The concept of embracing change lies at the core of our corporate DNA:

We don’t just encourage our customers to change and evolve, it’s something we live and breathe in everything we do at comwrap, from our corporate strategy to each employee’s personal development.

Everyone at comwrap places a premium on continual development. That means we balance peak team performance and professional competition on the one hand with self-fulfillment, a positive error culture and a delight in experimentation on the other.

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