Specialists in cloud-native customer experience and commerce

We provide professional services for customer experience and commerce platforms. Thanks to our cloud-native strategy, our project timelines are shorter and project costs lower.

We turn market leaders into digital champions

by successfully guiding value-creating companies through the digital transformation process, we help market leaders secure their standing in the digital world, too.

As firm believers in the European idea, we are proud of the numerous market leaders in our economic area. With their drive and determination, these large-to-medium-sized businesses not only develop excellent products and services but also set global standards, which are instrumental to our prosperity.

We give these companies the tools to translate their high-caliber core business into digital customer experiences.

Our goal is to turn market leaders into digital champions.

Cloud-native strategy

Cloud deployment cuts down time to value and reduces total cost of ownership.

To drive the transformation process, we harness proven market-leading software ecosystems, rounded out with blueprints, accelerators and best practices that let us meet our customers’ business requirements while aligning as closely as possible with standards.

Systematically applying requirement mapping methods ensures that even complex, highly individual needs can be accommodated with pre-integrated solutions available in the software ecosystem or by using microservices. The upshot? The time and money required to integrate with third-party systems are limited to what delivers real value to the business.

In this way, we reduce the time to value, ensure a lower total cost of ownership and future-proof the investment.

Thanks to our technology partners’ systematic focus on cloud and managed services, our customers are the first to benefit from product development innovations and can count on quantifiable operating and maintenance costs.

With the resources saved, our clients can focus on scaling their business and implementing their digital strategy.

Professional services geared to delivering customer experience and commerce platforms

The key to successful cloud-native deployment is an interdisciplinary mix of consulting, UX design and solutions development.

What makes this an integrated service is that all project participants are fully au fait with the technology and take the platform’s out-of-the-box functionalities, best practices and accelerators into account right from the consulting and UX design stages.

We are at your side every step of this journey from consulting, through digital strategy and design, all the way to successful launch of the digital experience technology in the cloud.

This approach enables our customers to tap into the solution’s full potential and operate it independently without vendor lock-in.

Our management team

Employing over 80 people, we offer professional services spanning digital strategy, IT and marketing transformation, through UX design, to deploying e-commerce, customer experience and collaboration platforms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Mathias Hermann


Holger Kayser


Simone Fischmann

Business Unit Director Commerce, People & Culture

Azra Bosnjakovic

Business Unit Director DXP

Our cloud-native strategy

Reduced risk
Cloud deployment
Minimal customization
Spirit of partnership
Empowering users
Sharing knowledge
Focus on efficiency
Shorter project timelines
Lower total cost of ownership
Ability to adapt
Process transformation
Process optimization
An eye on the big picture
UX design

Our technology partnerships

Adobe Solution Partner Platinum

Specialized Adobe Experience Manager and Specialized Magento Commerce

Ibexa DXP Platinum Partner

Specialized on Ibexa DXP Cloud for Content, Experience, Commerce and Personalization

Atlassian Silver Solution Partner

Specialized on Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence in the Cloud

Unirgy Apex Partner

Specialized on Multi Vendor Marketplaces based on Magento Commerce

Our customers

Companies comwrap has put on the fast track to cloud speed:

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    Adobe Commerce Cloud has an automated backup process by design. So, if you act quickly after a notice, you have a good chance to restore your system almost completely.

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