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we love good product data.

COMWRAP implements PIM systems for platform and channel-independent management of your product data and assets.

Both on the basis of proprietary solutions and with the aid of open source technologies, we find the right solution for you, plan and accompany the implementation phase, realize the interfaces to your ERP system and integrate your channels, from the catalogue, through the online shop, to the mobile application. Seek advice from our experts and find potentials for enhancing efficiency in the marketing services area.

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planning ahead

simply more synergies.

A Product Information Management system is a sophisticated matter and, from a critical quantity of products, variances, languages, markets and channels, is indispensable. Questions promptly come up, though: where and how to begin? What software matches our requirements most effectively? Can we or must we optimize our workflows? Seek advice from our experts and we will support you, from ascertaining requirements, through defining the process, to selecting the right software platform.

Planning and Consultation

creating and implementing


A PIM can quickly grow into a highly complex affair, as all relevant business processes have to be depicted and third-party systems and channels built in. In this context, a pilot phase with a representative product category is the obvious option, as it can very quickly inject some reality into the project plan – also and especially with regard to the choice of PIM software. We support you during implementation and offer many useful services for operating your PIM: seek advice from our experts.

Operation and Hosting

expanding and networking


A PIM is only as good as its content. Therefore, integration with your core systems, along with the production of interfaces to your channels, is an elementary component of PIM introduction and expansion. We realize custom interfaces and processes for your ERP and goods management system, get text and image agencies involved, and integrate your output channels, from print-ready catalogue via website and web shop, through structured data exports to dealers, to mobile applications. Want more output? Get in touch with us today!

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