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COMWRAP analyses, plans and optimizes your online marketing measures

Whether it’s about a single discipline or whether the complex interplay of all channels is desired, comwrap is your competent contact partner – eye-to-eye on a partnership basis, in step with the times and with an open ear for the latest trends. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we take in the wider picture and always base our choice of measures and channels on your goals. Contact us for a free initial analysis combined with our recommendations.

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planning ahead

one plus one = eleven.

Often, campaign planning and management is in the hands of various people, across all channels. The potential of an interlocking strategy often goes unutilized in this context. The boundaries between the individual disciplines are increasingly blurred in the course of Content Marketing; only a concerted strategy brings lasting success with simultaneously efficient use of resources. Seek advice from our experts; we know what it’s all about and will support you when working out an impactful overall strategy.

Planning and Consultation

creating and implementing


No value-added content, no success. This rule applies not only in Content Marketing, but also with regard to a good conversion rate. Producing value-added content isn’t complicated, but a discerning eye, creativity and time are called for here. We come to you with these 3 qualities: our team of experts will find your themes, prepare them accordingly in the form of texts, images, videos, configurators and mechanisms, and will therefore ensure that your content creates genuine added value for your target group.


conducting authentic dialogues

communicating across channels

Authentic communication is consistent and channel-adept: in the ideal case, it combines these channels and generates mutual synergies. Our team of experts knows the rules of the game in digital channels and knows how to deploy them in pursuit of your aim. Native-speaker international communication is everyday business in this context, as is specific preparation of your themes for the relevant channel and, likewise, cultural group. Make use of our experience and benefit from integrated communication across all online marketing channels – for more success in content marketing.

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controlling and optimizing

analyse, test, exploit and start again

Careful analysis throughout the user journey is the key to success. This approach finds a suitable description in the term “growth hacking”. During the analysis, not only the respective channels, but also user behaviour on the site itself is analysed in the context of visitor source. This way, weak points are identified, which at the same time harbour the greatest growth potential. On this basis, a hypothesis on optimizing the user experience is then drawn up, examined in a subsequent A/B or multivariance test and finally exploited. If you want to get more out of your existing online traffic, get in touch with us today.

Conversion Rate Optimization
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