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we love emotional purchasing experiences.

COMWRAP plans, designs, develops, operates and markets ONLINE SHOPS.

Applying many years of experience and based on diverse analysis methods, our experts optimize user interface and technology in order to achieve higher conversion rates and bigger AOV's (average order volumes). With more than 30 specialists from the widest variety of disciplines and with plenty of passion, comwrap will carry your e-commerce project, too, to success. Have a word with our experts in order to find out how you can now generate even more sales with your online shop.

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planning ahead

customer is king.

In both the B2C and B2B sector, everything is focused on the customer’s desires and is aimed at making their life as easy, pleasant and time-efficient as possible. This is because every unnecessary barrier can prevent a potential purchase. Ask us, and our experts will accompany you on the path to the relaunch or performance enhancement of your existing online shop.

Planning and Consultation


content is kaiser.

It’s a long time since success in e-commerce meant just providing a value-for-money purchase opportunity online. It’s all about purchasing experiences, convenience, personal added value and speed. The better, more comprehensive and more appropriate the content is, the greater the number of purchases will be, with fewer returned products at the same time. Have a word with us if enduring, successful and scaleable shopping portals are what is required.

Magento Operation and Hosting

expanding and networking

intelligent networking is sovereign.

Numerous third-party systems make a successful online shop. Goods management and ERP systems, payment services, fulfilment services, PIM, price comparison search engines have to be tuned to one another in one integrated process – otherwise, performance lags, the purchasing experience suffers and the sales volume isn’t right. Ask our experts, and we will support you when implementing third-party systems and networking with value-added services.


introducing and marketing

efficient marketing is the ruling discipline.

Bringing the right visitors to your shop is the biggest aim of all online shop operators. It’s a matter of finding the right blend of push and pull measures as well as communicating with existing customers, because in e-commerce it’s precisely the repeat purchases that are the crucial factor for success. To this end, the whole web activity cycle needs to be called into play, in order to turn visitors into customers and customers into repeat purchasers. This is how genuine fans and true brand ambassadors are made. Ask us how you can become even more successful:

SEO Social Media Paid Search (SEA) Newsletter Marketing

controlling and optimizing

permanent optimization is the crowning.

97% of your visitors don’t make purchases, but around 25% of them will be more strongly inclined to buy. We raise this potential for you by means of 360° analysis of your online shop and ongoing optimization of the user interface and technology. The result is an enduring increase in the conversion rate, the most important key figure in e-commerce. The path progresses via nuanced controlling, in-depth data analysis and the subsequent optimization of all identified parameters and their verification via A/B and multivariance tests.

Conversion Rate Optimization
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