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COMWRAP offers you sustainable growth for your online business.

Competition on the web is intense; users – be they Digital Natives or Best Agers – are spoilt. If the visitor doesn’t find the right content on your homepage straight away, he or she will have clicked away faster than many a page can fully load. It’s highly likely that this user won’t return, and so a potential new customer is lost. At any rate, it’s been proven that 98% of visitors leave the websites they’ve retrieved without getting active in any way. COMWRAP CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION is a true and tested method and uses customized content, A/B and multivariant tests, and individual drip campaigns to ensure considerably lower bounce rates and an increase in your lead generation, your sales volumes and hence your overall success.

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planning ahead

planning ahead analysing - understanding - defining

Many customers come to us with great ideas for product campaigns that need to be communicated to the right recipient. However, the best idea will come to nothing if it doesn’t reach the potential customer. To make sure that the right user groups are addressed, the comwrap method starts with an analysis of the current situation, the disclosure of deficits and the definition of KPIs for achieving the desired targets. To this end, it’s important to evaluate why users convert or bounce and what content needs to be created for a mostly heterogeneous crowd. It’s important to understand the visitor’s difficult process. The result of this is a tailored concept for holistic on-page optimization as a prerequisite for all further measures.



the comwrap-CRO-Method

The comwrap CRO method is significantly asynchronous from what most people do. It is holistic and, above all, demands know-how in diverse individual disciplines. At comwrap, these disciplines include the tried and trusted measures shown on the left for long-term successful Conversion Rate Optimization. Based on these measures, we create for you a customized Conversion Rate Optimization campaign, tailored to your different target persons and KPIs.



testing - winning - thrilling

Here to stay: For your visitors we create customized, clearly formulated content, tailored to users, in order to offer every newcomer the right focal point for ensuring that it never occurs to them to click away and that they gain an appetite for your offering instead. Uncomplicated processes, and elements skilfully positioned to generate a call to action through passive pressure, likewise fall under our expertise. From Content Optimization, through design adaptation, to A/B testing and e-mail drip campaigns: All our measures pay off for both your traffic and lead enhancement and your SEO ranking – and indeed within your project and corporate strategy.


the comwrap money-back guarantee

In the past years we have worked with many customers, from start-ups to global players, and are familiar with the trends on the web – our experience and know-how will secure your success. In the event that COMWRAP CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION fails to take effect, you’ll get your money back. Guaranteed!

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