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comwrap plans, designs and programs sophisticated mobile applications.

And it does it natively for all operating systems and while taking account of platform-specific usability conventions. In addition, with your consumer app we ensure perfect placement in the relevant app stores – for more downloads and interaction with your mobile app. Seek advice from our experts: we will support you during the development of a successful app with genuine added value for your target group.

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planning ahead

added value with added value.

If the app offers nothing that the company’s own website doesn’t, it’s superfluous. During the analysis and strategy phase, therefore, it’s imperative to work out the added value and enrich it with ideas for permanent use. Get in touch with us and benefit from a free initial consultation for your app concept.

Planning and Consultation

creating and implementing


Nothing is more valuable than experiences in real-life conditions. The faster experience can be gathered with a genuine target group, the more tailored the app’s fit to this target group can be. With our agile prototyping approach you enter a Beta phase faster and will be able to make important decisions based on evidence. Regardless of the target platform – be it iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry: our mobile experts will carry your mobile app to success.

Operation and Hosting

introducing and marketing


The primary aim of a mobile app is to be added and used. In the case of both consumer apps and apps for business target groups, this is the determining point that is often not given enough consideration. One effective means in this context is top positioning in the relevant app stores. This is because anyone who ends up in the visible area of the rubrics, or even gets recommended, will almost certainly see exponential growth – marketing becomes a kind of self-starter and operates very efficiently. Our team of experts ensures more downloads and interaction with your mobile application. Ask us: we will be pleased to advise you.


controlling and optimizing


Regular updates are the linchpins of long-term marketing success. In turn, this presupposes systematic observation, analysis and comparison with the KPIs. This is because only users who learn something exploit the full potential of their app.

Conversion Rate Optimization
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