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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – social is obligatory

comwrap brings you via social networks to the pulse of your target group. We offer you a broad service spectrum for campaigns in the Social Media Marketing area. Our repertoire comprises both the placement of ads in social networks and the building of starting points for your brand.

Selecting a Social Media channel

Where and with what content you should be present depends on various factors, which need to be analysed carefully. We seek out the relevant channels for your target group and launch campaigns there that are perfectly tailored to your aims. Along the way, the actual tools vary according to aim and target group. Those wanting to find out more about their customers can be successful with a Facebook app; for anyone publishing up-to-the-minute content, Twitter can be the right channel.

Whatever strategy suits you best – we have the know-how and the heart’s blood to find it and implement it.

Community Management in social networks

To ensure that the basis built up in the social media can also be managed, we additionally offer you services in the Community Management area. In order to be able to start a dialogue with a community, the community manager must understand what drives this community. On the one hand, the target group is therefore decisive; on the other hand, though, the community’s content is decisive as well – depending on whether this is a support community or a topic-related community of interests, for example.