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search engine advertising: right time, right place

comwrap makes your Internet presence even more present. In addition to the classic variant of search engine marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), campaigns in the area of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) are also suitable for this purpose. Here, we place ads in the search engines concerning search phrases for which your page shows no top rankings, so that relevant visitors are neverthelss guided to your page.

Effective Google AdWords campaigns by means of bid management

In the context of your Search Engine Advertising campaigns, we create, manage and control advertisements via Google AdWords. As a certified Google Partner, we are predestined for successful campaign management here.

In order to optimize these campaigns, we also deploy Bid Management systems. These systems ensure full, effective use of your media budget, as you place ads whenever user counts and CPC are most worth using. This way, as many visitors as possible arrive on your page at simultaneously minimized Costs per Click (CPC).

Dynamic management

We create the campaigns in close consultation with you and manage the deployed media budget efficiently and variably. If required, we will also reallocate the budget so that we can react flexibly to changes and your desires at all times.

Recognizing potentials

Want to know what potential your page holds? Then request a no-obligation "Digital Espresso" straight away – a web conference with one of our experts, tailored to your page, during which we show you what potentials your page holds and how these can be utilized.