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NEWSLETTER MARKETING – post that’s on-target

comwrap finds content for your newsletters that gets users’ hearts beating faster.

Newsletters for customer loyalty or customer acquisition

Newsletters continue to offer an outstanding tool for actively contacting existing customers and communicating current products and services to them. comwrap supports you during the implementation of these campaigns, from addressee database maintenance to the creation of content and designs – regardless of whether a one-time or a recurring promotion is involved.

Conversion Optimization for newsletters

In this context, too, we place particular value on Conversion Optimization measures, so that, in addition to the usual customer loyalty effects, as many of the desired completions as possible are also achieved on your Internet page. At the same time, we make sure of integrating newsletter marketing with your other online marketing campaigns, so that no duplicate burdens are placed on you.

In addition, we implement effective sign-in and sign-out forms in your web presence and thus take care of a database structure according to your needs.