Rights, Roles and Workflows in Ibexa DXP

Benjamin Jan

organizing_content_workflows_in_global_enterprises_can_be_challenging Organizing content workflows in global enterprises can be challenging

For international corporations multi-market targeting is important to design the digital brand experience in a uniform way. To this end, regular content releases should be managed centrally. This presents global companies with various challenges: In which channels is communication bundled? Who is responsible for a consistent global brand identity? What do global guidelines mean for local content?

The task of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is to map these processes in a uniform way.

Headquarters in DACH, Sales Office in Brazil requires Local Content

The Corporation has its headquarters in Germany, but sells all over the world and has local sales offices.

One of these agencies is located in Sao Paulo and is run by Brazilian employees. Among other things, personal consulting is handled, but also a Brazilian sub-site of the Corporation is editorially maintained. Local news is compiled and changes to product information have to be translated into Portuguese. Instead of informing the Brazilian colleagues each time by email about new developments, Vertrieb GmbH uses a custom workflow and can thus forward newly created or changed content directly in the Ibexa DXP instance to Brazil for further processing.

content_publishing_workflow_on_a_global_website Content publishing workflow on a global website.

Conversely, content created in Brazil is forwarded to the central office in Germany for approval.

In order not to lose the overview (content comes for release from locations all over the world), roles are distributed to user groups. For example, there is a user group "Release Brazil". Employees of the central location who are assigned to this group are informed by email that content has been assigned to them for review. Here the workflow can be configured as desired: Notification to individual mail address, to an email distribution list, or simply a notification bubble when logging into Ibexa DXP.

policy_limitations_in_ibexa_dxp Policy limitations in Ibexa DXP

Setting up the Workflows

It is therefore necessary to define: Who is allowed to do what and when?

Based on this, Ibexa DXP offers every possibility to set up a wide variety of workflows. Access to the individual steps in a workflow (e.g. approval, review, translation, etc.) is also assigned to users via the role system.

workflows_in_ibexa_dxp Workflows in Ibexa DXP

This ensures that a website visitor experiences the same brand experience worldwide.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash