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WEB DESIGN: more than a question of good taste

The responsive web designs from comwrap deliver the content to your page users in exactly the form they need it. Our design teams in Frankfurt and Zürich ensure that your Internet presence is available on all terminals operationally and in an appealing form – no matter whether it’s smartphone, tablet or PC.

Responsive web design - Flexible designs for all devices

It’s a long time since purchasing decisions were made at home on the computer – now they are being made via smartphone or tablet on the move. To ensure that your Internet presence keeps pace with this altered user behaviour, the presentation should be able to adjust to the properties of different terminals and be, for example, adaptable to various screen resolutions and formats. 

At the same time, in our view, design and function form an inseparable unit. It is only possible to get the best out of optimum functionality when it forms a symbiosis with creative design. In order to accommodate this unit, at comwrap, graphic designers and developers work hand in hand.

The user at the focus

In all of this, the user’s needs remain at the focus. We want the design of your Internet presence to appeal to you and, at the same time, we want you to be able to find your way around the information architecture quickly and intuitively. So, if you’re looking for a web design agency in Frankfurt, you’re in exactly the right place with us. 

Design in figures

Effective design is not a matter of taste, but it can be analytically proven based on key figures from representative studies. To make sure that your Internet presence not only pleases but is also able to realize your economic goals, we keep a constant eye on the latest Conversion Rate Optimization trends and methods. This way, we ensure that relevant visitors arrive on your site and immediately become customers.

Recognizing potentials

Would you like to know what potential arises for your site from responsive web design? Then contact us or request a no-cost, no-obligation “Digital Espresso” – a short analysis of your site via web conference that contains proposals for concrete improvement measures.