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our planning formula

At comwrap, a detailed concept phase is an elementary component of digital projects, making sure that you can draw the maximum benefit from your Internet presence. No matter whether it’s the realization of a shop, a website or an online marketing campaign – the more detailed the concept phase, the greater the benefits as the project proceeds.

No implementing without analysing

With us, concept and analysis go hand-in-hand. For this reason we commence your project with a comprehensive analysis of the existing structures, with the aim of uncovering weak points and optimization potentials and developing the right strategy for your project out of this. This analysis shows up both factors on your Internet page – for instance, usability and inbound marketing status quo – and site-external factors – the Internet presences of relevant competitors, for example.

Guided by a specialist concept

The outcome of the analysis is a specialist concept tailored to the respective project which, depending on focus, comprises Designs and Wireframes and a development concept, delivers concrete action recommendations for maximising optimization potentials or establishes the strategic focus of Online Marketing Campaigns.