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CLOUD HOSTING and operation on cloud 7

With operation and hosting services, comwrap makes sure that the heart of your Internet presence beats reliably. We advise you when selecting the technical infrastructure, look after implementation and ongoing operation and, with regular updates, ensure that the technology remains up to the latest standard.

Virtual cloud hosting

In doing so, we rely on VMWare-based virtual cloud hosting in computing centres in Frankfurt am Main and Zürich. Through flexible selection and rental of the required hardware components, we ensure that the most high-performing and cost-effective solution is available to you at all times, and that outages due to hardware problems are almost impossible.

Application and server management

Within the scope of our application management services, we ensure a friction-free interplay between server operating system, databases and software, and thus ensure that your web content is available on a continuous basis. To make sure that you have your server’s system functions permanently within sight, we also offer you in-depth monitoring.

We ensure that the software used is always right up-to-date and, for this reason, carry out regular security and software updates. Should an emergency nevertheless occur: Backups mean that we are able, at any time, to react swiftly and restore your data and therefore to guarantee fast and comprehensive Incident Management. A further component of this is that we are at your side for support when you have questions regarding the server infrastructure that you use.