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DISPLAY MARKETING – ads where they belong

comwrap allows users to find your offerings even where they’re not looking for them. This is why we also bring the ads that you place on pages outside the Google universe to your target group.

We bring ads to users

To do this, we put together a customized campaign strategy for you, during which we select target group-relevant pages and networks for disseminating your ads. These equally include ads in social networks and Display Marketing via channels such as Google AdSense or affiliate networks.

Additionally, we deliver ideas for the channels chosen by you, and stage your offerings in appealing banners or video ads. The result is customized campaigns that ensure that both existing and new customers are actively led to conversion, while campaign complexity is kept to a minimum at the same time. This way, you always retain the full overview.

Effectiveness by means of re-targeting

To make sure that the ads are even more effective, we additionally make use of re-tartgeting methods. This way, users who have already shown an interest in your page or product also come into contact with advertising banners for the relevant products on other pages. This method can also be used as a customer loyalty instrument and takes care of maximally promising conversion rates, as you reach only truly potential customers.