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comwrap delivers the content that speaks your target groups’ language. The focus at the same time is on the theme that matches your project. We go off in search of this theme and prepare it with the right editorial content – not only texts but also graphics, animations or videos.

Interdisciplinary editorial teams

Our interdisciplinary editorial teams know that success not only depends on a good idea, but that this idea also needs to be correctly communicated. As communication takes place via multiple channels, our teams comprise not only copy writers but also, for example, designers, in order to draw up a comprehensive content strategy.

Our editorial team is connected via an extensive network with editors from a diversity of fields. This way, besides the traditional B2C themes, we are also able to put together editorial teams for special themes, such as, for example, the healthcare, financial and IT sectors.

Content Marketing and Content Management

We not only produce the right content for your Internet presence, but, in the context of online marketing campaigns, also create content for inclusion on other pages, such as news portals and social networks, in order to attract more attention to your site.

Once the copy writing and visualization is done, as part of our content management we also take on coherent integration with your content management system or the enhancement of existing content.

Transparent customer communication

At the same time, full control stays with you. All content is created in close consultation with you and is published only after approval. You are welcome to join in directly at the editorial meetings or to gain an analytical overview through the regular reports.

What can we do for you?

Want to know what your page holds in terms of improvement opportunities in the content and editing area? Then ask for a no-cost, no-obligation “Digital Espresso” – a short presentation tailored to your Internet presence transmitted via web conference, in which we highlight your potentials to you.